“PD&E Electronics started in the spring of 1967 as a value-added semiconductor company having 12 local customers by the end of its first year. Initially manufacturing Transitron’s custom assemblies and ITT’s special products lead to the acquisition of several products lines in two major companies: ITT’s American Selenium Division and TDR Electronics. Both of these created a rapid expansion during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Through reverse engineering and second sourcing hundreds of discontinued components, especially for DOD, PD&E has become a major supplier of high voltage assemblies, voltage regulator modules, and power converters. Further acquisition of North Hill’s RF coil line and Semicon’s finished goods inventory, which was greater than 16 million components, has played a major role in supplying the spare parts market. Over the years PD&E has developed an outstanding semiconductor library which has allowed the company to second source obsolete components once manufactured by some of the following companies: Varo, Semtech, TRW, Sarkes-Tarzian, Erie, NAE, ITT, GE, Westing House, and IRC. To date, PD&E has accumulated over 30 four-drawer file cabinets of customer drawings, NSN drawings, and manufacturers catalogs and D.A.T.A. books dating back to 1964.” (PD&E, 2023)

Product Categories:

  • Discrete Rectifiers
  • Rectifier Modules
  • High Voltage Rectifiers
  • Stack Rectifiers
  • Relays, Flashers & Sensors
  • Custom Assemblies