Acceptance of Trendsetter’s purchase order confirms supplier acceptance of these terms and conditions. 



    1. Trendsetter does not grant authority for changes to Customer designed or controlled parts and material.  Any deviation to Custom engineering specifications must have Trendsetter approval prior to shipment.  Any deviations to contract requirements must be coordinated through Trendsetter. 
    2. Supplier will not use any information provided by Trendsetter for any purpose except to fulfill this contract and will not disclose any information to third parties without the prior written consent of Trendsetter. 
    3. Supplier will provide Trendsetter with current drawings, prints and technical data upon request, unless those documents are proprietary. 
    4. Items supplied must comply with the revision listed on the Trendsetter purchase order. The revision level stated on the purchase order corresponds to the customer’s part number.  If the stated revision is NOT the latest revision for the items being supplier, the Supplier will notify Trendsetter so the appropriate actions and/or corrections can be issued. 
    5. The shipment of materials or products to Trendsetter from the Supplier will constitute acceptance by the Supplier of the terms of any Trendsetter purchase order used for the purchase of such material. 
    6. Supplier shall comply with the requirements of the quality clauses as specified on the Trendsetter purchase order. The Supplier will flow down all applicable requirements to the sub-tier Supplier level. 
    7. If this contract is identified as a “DPAS rated order” certified for emergency preparedness, energy program use or national defense the supplier will follow all the requirements of the Defense Priorities and Allocation System Regulation. Supplier will comply with all applicable US export control laws and economic sanctions laws and regulations.  Before providing Trendsetter with any item or data controlled under any of the Trade Control Laws, supplier shall provide in writing the export classification of any such item or controlled data to Trendsetter’s procurement representative. 
    8. Acceptance of material shipped against Trendsetter’s purchase orders is contingent upon approval by a Trendsetter Quality representative. 
    9. Trendsetter, Trendsetter’s customers or regulatory agencies may impose source inspection for any item at their discretion. When invoked, this requirement will be flowed down in the purchase order. 
    10. Authorized Trendsetter personnel, Trendsetter’s customer or regulatory agencies will have reasonable access to the Supplier or subcontractor’s facility during the course of this contract. Supplier’s support of visiting personnel will be provided at no cost to Trendsetter, Trendsetter’s customer or the appropriate regulatory agencies. 
    11. Supplier shall provide written notification, within 30 days of occurrence, when changes occur that affect the quality system and/or product, including but not limited to: 
      1. Change in product or process 
      2. Change of suppliers 
      3. Change in ownership, including acquisition, mergers, and/or dissolution of the business, or 
      4. change of manufacturing facility location 
      5. Supplier will notify Trendsetter when non-conformances in the Supplier’s process or product are discovered or suspected that may affect parts of assemblies Supplier has delivered under a Trendsetter purchase order. 



The shelf life and expiration date of parts/materials subject to degradation with age or varying environmental conditions must be clearly stated on the certification and packaging as required per the applicable specification.  Parts/materials shall have the appropriate amount of shelf life remaining at time of receipt by Trendsetter.   

If a part/material must be stored at specific temperature ranges to maintain shelf life, these temperature ranges must be specified and clearly stated on the certification and marked on the packaging as required per the applicable specification. 



Seller warrants that all work furnished pursuant to this Contract shall strictly conform to applicable specifications, drawings, samples, descriptions, and other requirements of the contract and be free from defects in design, material, and workmanship. This warranty shall begin upon final acceptance and extend for a period of one (1) year. 



In addition to the above stated requirements, Distributors must also comply with the following: 

  1. Distributor must supply a copy of the original manufacturer’s signed Certificate of Conformance for each item supplied to Trendsetter. 
  2. The Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance must meet the requirements of Section 5.

Distributor will supply a copy of the original manufacturer’s test report/data when required by the applicable part specification of the item(s) being supplied.



Supplier shall provide a certificate of conformance with each shipment. The certificate will cite that the material or finished parts meet specified order requirements and that applicable records are on file and subject to examination.  At a minimum, the certificate of conformance must include: 

  1. Purchase order number 
  2. Part Number and revision level of products on Trendsetter purchase order that are being supplied. 
  3. Supplier’s name and address if applicable. 
  4. Where applicable, lot number, batch number, date code, and/or serial number of items being supplied. 
  5. Qty of product shipped. 
  6. Shelf life, expiration date, as applicable to the items being supplied. 
  7. Authorized representative signature. 
  8. Test reports, First Article inspections, and any other physical test data required by the applicable specification as requested by Trendsetter or its customer or regulatory authorities. 

Supplier shall maintain quality records for a minimum of 10 years after Trendsetter’s order has been fulfilled. Records created and retained by supplier should be controlled and made available to Trendsetter upon request. 

Supplier nonconformance/rejection report submitted shall contain, at a minimum: 

  1. A clear identification and description of the part(s) 
  2. Space for disposition and authorizing signature(s) 
  3. Description of the nonconforming condition with reference to the “should be” and “is” conditions. 
  4. Sufficient detail to provide a thorough description of the condition 
  5. A statement of the cause of the nonconformance and the corrective action taken to prevent recurrence (if any) 


The following requirements are required to be flowed down to all sub-tier suppliers for orders that provide materials and products for Aerospace and Defense applications.  Acceptance of Trendsetter’s purchase order confirm supplier’s acceptance of these terms and conditions: 


Since it is Trendsetter’s policy to comply with all applicable regulations with respect to its material, we are committed to complying with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that requires companies to disclose their use of known conflict materials. 

Upon request, Supplier will provide:   

  1. Name and part number of each Item that contains CM
  2. Identification of the conflict minerals.
  3. Percentage of conflict minerals, by weight, in the Item and in any sub-component thereof
  4. Country of origin for each item
  5. Supplier name for each Item 

Any other information required 



Supplier shall maintain a FOD prevention program in accordance with National Aerospace Standard NAS0412, Foreign Object Damage/Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention or equivalent standard. 

Whenever and/or wherever FOD entrapment or foreign objects can migrate, Supplier shall ensure that applicable foreign object requirements are flowed down to Supplier’s subcontractors at every tier. 

Prior to closing inaccessible or obscured areas and compartments during assembly, Supplier shall inspect for foreign objects/materials and ensure no FOD remains embedded, e.g. embedded protective plugs.  Supplier shall ensure tooling, jigs, fixtures, and test or handling equipment are maintained in a state of cleanliness and repair sufficient to prevent FOD.    

By delivering items to Trendsetter, Supplier shall be deemed to have certified to Trendsetter that such items are free from any foreign materials that could result in FOD. 



Suppliers will have a program in accordance with SAE AS5553 (Counterfeit Electronic Parts, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition) or AS6174 (Counterfeit Material: Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Material) for the identification and handling of suspected unapproved counterfeit parts and materials.  

Suppliers will flow down applicable requirements to contractors and their sub0contractors.  If one or more supply chain intermediates do not have a counterfeit part control plan compliant to this document, Supplier will show traceability to an authorized distributor or manufacturer. 



Supplier shall establish a communication method that ensures all personnel are aware of their contribution to product safety.  This method shall establish a frequency of communication that is appropriate to the organization and this communication will occur annually at a minimum.  Supplier shall maintain records of this communication. 



Supplier shall establish a communication method that ensures all personnel are aware of their contribution to product and/or service conformity.  This method shall establish a frequency of communication that is appropriate to the organization and will occur annually at a minimum.  Supplier shall maintain records of this communication. 



Supplier shall establish a communication method that conveys the importance of ethical behavior.  This method shall establish a frequency of communication that is appropriate to the organization and will occur annually at a minimum.  Supplier will maintain records of this communication.