Gowanda Option 2

“For more than 50 years, Gowanda has been a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of precision electronic components for RF, microwave and power applications. Components include standard off-the-shelf and custom-designed inductors, chips, chokes, coils, conicals, toroids, transformers and magnetic devices in surface mount and axial-leaded (thru-hole) configurations that are used in a wide variety of electronic applications around the world. We offer RoHS compliant products as well as lead-containing components for QPL military/defense and other demanding requirements. Non-magnetic inductors are also available for situations where magnetic components would compromise system performance, as in medical imaging (MRI) equipment. We also now design and manufacture solenoids.” (Gowanda, 2023)

Product Categories:

  • Dual Wound Toroidal Inductor
  • High Current Choke
  • Ceramic Chip Inductor
  • Epoxy Coated Chip Inductor
  • Current Sense Transformer
  • Radial Lead Transformer
  • Flying Lead Conical Inductor
  • Surface Mount Conical Inductor
  • M15305 Molded Shielded and Unshielded Inductor