“Our company history began in New York City in 1941, when Louis Offerman and his two sons, Bernard and Seymour, founded a tool and die maker to support the war effort during WWII.

Following the war, we began making transistor and tube sockets for the nascent consumer electronics industry. We transitioned to supplying cathode ray tubes for the US television industry, and by the 1960’s we were the largest manufacturer of CRT sockets in the world.

In the late 1960’s we bought a license to manufacture Hyperboloid sockets and began making printed circuit board connectors for the military and aerospace industries, under Mil-DTL-55302. We’ve been making these connectors ever since, and today, we’re one of the worldwide leaders in Hyperboloid connectors and contacts.

The Hyperboloid contact is an advanced design that satisfies performance requirements previously considered impossible. Unique in concept, it is used in connectors having the highest standards of performance. The distinguishing feature of the Hyperboloid socket is the hyperboloid-shaped sleeve formed by straight wires strung at an angle to the longitudinal axis.” (IEH, 2023)

Product Categories:

  • Hyperboloid PCB Connectors
  • HBH Hybrid Power/Signal Hyperboloid Connectors
  • Hyperkinetic Hi-Speed, High-Density Hyperboloid Modular Interconnects